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Door Supervisor Training

Level 2 Award in Door Supervision

Door Supervisor Course - SIA Door Supervisor training courses

Door Supervisor SIA Licence Course

Our training is all about taking you from where you are, to where you want to be.

At T4S our goal is simple - to help our customers get a great new job in the security industry. The first step toward your new career is to book Door Supervisor course on one of our fully SIA security training approved training courses. Once you complete the course you will hold a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification that will allow you to apply for that all important SIA Licence.

Door Supervisor Training

 Door Supervisor Course - SIA Door Supervisor training courses Door Supervisor training is our most popular course for one simple reason - it gives candidates the best possible chance of securing a job. Did you know that a Door Supervisor can also work as a security guard? Door Supervisors can also work at licensed premises such as pubs, clubs, festivals and anywhere alcohol is being served.

Our Door Supervisor Training Courses are run over four days in over 40 locations around the UK. We keep our class sizes at an optimum level to ensure that all candidates get a great learning experience. The results speak for themselves - our candidates have the highest pass rates in the industry thanks to the quality of the security training they receive from our experienced trainers. Book your Door Supervisor course today and open up a whole new world of possibilities as a Door Supervisor in the UK private security industry.


Location Date Flexi Price Save Price Premium Price Book Now
Aberdeen £240 £220 N/A Book Now
Aylesbury £200 £180 £280 Book Now
Birmingham £170 £150 £250 Book Now
Birmingham - Central £170 £150 £250 Book Now
Blackpool £195 £175 £275 Book Now
Bolton £180 £160 N/A Book Now
Bournemouth £225 £205 N/A Book Now
Bradford £175 £155 £255 Book Now
Brighton £225 £205 N/A Book Now
Bristol £225 £205 £305 Book Now
Broadstairs - Kent £225 £205 N/A Book Now
Cardiff £225 £205 £305 Book Now
Chatham £220 £200 £300 Book Now
Chelmsford £170 £150 £250 Book Now
Chester £225 £205 £305 Book Now
Colchester £190 £170 £270 Book Now
Derby £205 £185 £285 Book Now
Edinburgh £225 £205 £305 Book Now
Glasgow £225 £205 £305 Book Now
Hull £225 £205 N/A Book Now
Ipswich £190 £170 £270 Book Now
Kidderminster £175 £155 £255 Book Now
Leeds £175 £155 £255 Book Now
Leicester £200 £180 £280 Book Now
Liverpool £225 £205 £305 Book Now
London-Aldgate £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-Central £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-Croydon £185 £165 £265 Book Now
London-East Ham £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-Enfield £185 £165 £265 Book Now
London-Finsbury Park £185 £165 £265 Book Now
London-Harrow £185 £165 £265 Book Now
London-Hayes-and-Southall £180 £160 £260 Book Now
London-Ilford £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-Kingston £175 £155 N/A Book Now
London-Lambeth £185 £165 £265 Book Now
London-Lewisham £185 £165 £265 Book Now
London-London Bridge £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-Mile-End £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-North London £210 £190 N/A Book Now
London-Oxford Circus £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-Stratford £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-Waterloo £175 £155 £255 Book Now
London-Wembley £185 £165 £265 Book Now
London-Willesden Green £185 £165 £265 Book Now
London-Wood Green £185 £165 £265 Book Now
Luton £200 £180 £280 Book Now
Manchester £210 £190 £290 Book Now
Middlesbrough £270 £250 N/A Book Now
Milton Keynes-MK6 £200 £180 £280 Book Now
Newcastle Upon Tyne £245 £225 £325 Book Now
Newport £225 £205 £305 Book Now
Norwich £245 £225 £325 Book Now
Nottingham £205 £185 £285 Book Now
Peterborough £245 £225 £325 Book Now
Plymouth £245 £225 £325 Book Now
Portsmouth £245 £225 £325 Book Now
Reading £225 £205 N/A Book Now
Sheffield £205 £185 £285 Book Now
Slough £180 £160 £260 Book Now
Southend-On-Sea £225 £205 N/A Book Now
Stoke-on-Trent £200 £180 £280 Book Now
Warrington £210 £190 N/A Book Now
What will you gain after our Door Supervisor training?

When join Door Supervisor Training at Train 4 Security, you will be equipped the necessary skills such as:

  • Ability to resolve potentially violent situations
  • Basic knowledge of health and safety regulations
  • Good powers of observation
  • Strong communication skills and defusing Conflict
  • Escorting Techniques
  • Fire Safety Awareness and fire prevention skills

Work activities for a licensed Door Supervisor

After finish Door Supervisor course, you can use it to apply for different jobs include:

  • Collecting tickets at the theater, entertainment vv....
  • Managing crowds to avoid potentially conflict situations
  • Supervising people as they leave the building
  • Escort and protect customers from conflict
  • Restraining and escorting people out of the venue
  • Searching people or bags for prohibited items like drug

  • Door Supervisor Income

    Door Supervisor jobs are usually paid on an hourly basis, which can range from around £7 to £9 an hour based on job title like "Door Supervisor in shopping malls", "Door Supervisor in night club", "Door Supervisor for the corporates", "Door Supervisor for the retail"…

    Income we offer is the minimum you will receive. Your income may be higher depending on your experience, the venue and location. If you take the time to work overtime, your income will be quite and abundance.


SIA Door Supervisor Card

Quick Facts

Door Supervisor Course Details

Our fully SIA approved Door Supervisor training course is run over 4 days from 8am to 6pm. The assessment is 4 multiple choice exams and a practical assessment of the physical intervention techniques learnt on the course.

On completion of this course you will have achieved a Level 2 Award in Door Supervision which will allow you to apply for an Door Supervisor SIA Licence.

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